Podcast mit einer Laufgeschichte

Jeff Sanders “The 5 o’clock miracle” ist eine Art von “Motivations-Podcast, der jeden Montag eine neue Episode veröffentlicht, die Tipps zur einer strukturierten und effizienten Gestaltung des Tages gibt. Inspiration für einen gesunden Lebensstil und um energiegeladen aus dem Bett zu kommen und motiviert seine persönlichen Ziele des Tages in Angriff zu nehmen.


Podcasts for Runners

I run with headphones all of the time. Impossible to go without. Forget about the silence of this beautiful nature around here, forget the animal noises and movements of deer and birds. I know what that sounds like already. What I want is make use of the time while running: listening to the best albums ever recorded, and listening to what the pros have to say about running, such as:

Runner Academy coach Matt Johnson

Coach Jeff Smith from Australia

Coaches Mark Yelling and Tom Williams

Marathontalk.com podcast

Mark and Tom host the marathontalk podcast in the special British way. Lots of good humour. What’s different from the other podcasts is the talk about actual current professional running. What’s going on in pro running, who’s on the British national team right now, what issues come up in the sport that need to be addressed.

Episode 263 got me entertained and particularly into deep thoughts for its great comments on doping in running.

So two British elite runners of the national team – 1.500 and 400 meters – one of them the team’s captain have been banned for 4 and 6 months respectively because they were tested positive for doping. They consumed an energy drink which contained banned substances. Defending themselves, they argued that “something was found in my body”, but it wasn’t something that a four hundred meter runner would use to enhance their performance. “All this because of a small amount from a drink that’s got labelling”. “It’s bizarre.”

No, it’s not. Not in my opinion.

While it is rather sad that any athlete, self-proclaimed innocent of any wrong-doing, would have to go through such a difficult time – leaving the team, upset coach, wife, family, 100.000 pounds expenses in legal fees…possibly end of career… Also, the damage to the athlete’s reputation. Despite the fact that he or she’s most probably innocent, or at least not guilty of any intention to cheat, people will still google their name and their name will come up with “doping” attached.

However, according to the rules of the sport, laid out and applied to everyone without exception, athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body. All athletes are responsible for everything they eat or drink. If you are consuming an energy drink, it is your responsibility to use caution and make sure that you do research every single ingredient in that drink. You have to verify that each substance in the drink is researched and certified. Most probably, these two athletes did exactly do that. It was certainly not their intention to cheat. But: No such product is free from banned substances. Anything made in a factory has the risk of cross-contamination. So go and sue that company for neglecting to specify the contents. But don’t blame the rules. They are there for a reason. Stop consuming this crap altogether and maintain a healthy lifestyle on top of your athletic career. Be a role model. Do not fill your body with substances you have no clue what they are or where they come from. Do not contaminate your body.

The English humour in Mark and Tom could not help but quip about other cases of doping. Like what if the athletes were Spanish or Russian. “It’s like Dieter Baumann and his toothpaste.” I don’t get it? Please help?


RAFacebook_400x400Every runner, elite or every-day, should listen to the Runner Academy’s Podcast. The podcast episodes provide “actionable and inspirational content from elite athletes, coaches, researchers, authors and everyday runners”. Episode 63 really gave me a motivation boost, and provided this information:

The foundation to maintain consistency: patience, belief, value

Patience is about perservering. Being consistent.

Believe in your capabilities.

Truly value what you do. Value your health, your results, and the time spent running.

Then there’s the beginning of the new year 2015 and another episode #66 called “Marathon Finish Times and Goal Setting”. The episode takes a look at marathon finishing times of millions of marathon runners. It looks like that most runners have the same goals:


It looks like most people finish between 3 hours and 30 minutes and 4:30. There is a big spike at the 4:00 limit, which means that everybody’s trying to finish under 4 hours. There is another spike at 3:30 and from there it declines: for most people that’s the maximum speed (5 minutes per km). I find it astonishing that only 1 per cent of runners finish a marathon under 3 hours.

My goal is therefore to finish below 3:30, after 3.43:03 in 2014, because I know I can do it easily, for reasons I learn listening to the Runner Academy’s podcast.

In order to set your goals for the year, Matt suggests to first determine what type of runner you are. Is it your first marathon? Did you miss last year’s goals? Did you beat your Personal Bests last year?

I clearly had a great year 2014 and beat all my PBs. I ran my fastest marathon in Mainz in May with 3:43. I ran one of my best 10K in July with 43:44:43. And then I ran a very good, because hilly and icy cold half marathon in December in 1:40:17.

Second, determine why this was a great year for yourself. I can answer that by saying I have accepted and used in all of my training the numerous advices and tips given by so many blogs, magazines and podcasts, such as Runner Academy, The Running Podcast with Coach Jeff, eiswuerfelimschuh’s blog, Runner’s World, and many others. Also, as Matt notes, it’s the small things that matter, too. Details such as specific workouts, specific parts of a race where you notice you’re struggling. I have noticed my problems in races in the past and have adapted my workouts. I do finish workouts at a faster pace nowadays, always. I don’t want to lose a considerable amount of time at the last few kilometers of any race anymore. I also do short workouts at high speed as well as intervall trainings. I also do the opposite of what I had been doing in the past in order to get out of that gridlock of never improving: I participate in short-distance races such as 7, 10 or 12K as much as I can to work on speed. And when I notice that I am not doing enough intervall training or getting that 32K run in once a week – I go and do just that.

And most importantly, as mentioned above in episode #63: be consistent. That is the insight of the year. Be a streaker. Every run, every workout counts (including yoga and swimming), down to the recovery run all workouts have a place in the overall training plan.

As Coach Jeff says: “Get those shorts on, put on a t-shirt, go out the door, turn left or turn right, and run. But man, you have heap of fun along the way!”

JJ’s Smoking Sessions Podcast

Can you get a better selection of songs and classic music than this?

JJ’s Smoking Sessions is a podcast that can be downloaded from the website of Six Million Steps. January’s edition no. 106 is once again filled with Soul Music everybody will fall in love with. “Songs for Everyman” is the fourth episode of this series of “righteous tunes, civil rights, and other thought-provoking stuff”, featuring, amongst others, the voices of: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnson, Cannonball Adderley, Dave Chappelle, Marlena Shaw and Langston Hughes.

Here is the track list, songs for eternity:

Nina Simone – Strange Fruit (intro)

Eddie Kendricks – My People …Hold On

Norman Connors – The Creator Has A Master Plan (intro)

Leroy Hutson – Time Brings On A Change

Shirley Caeser – Message For The People

Curtis Mayfield – Don’t Worry (If There’s A Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go)

Billy Paul – East

Diana Ross – Brown Baby/Save The Children (medley)

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Bare-Bones mix)

Funkadelic – Can You Get To That

Graham Central Station – Tis Your Kind Of Music

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes – Wake Up Everybody

Stevie Wonder – Black Man

Ray, Goodman & Brown – Another Day (intro)

New Rotary Connection – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Embrace Running Podcast

Hi Jochen,

We appreciate you taking the time to email us.  We like to hear all feedback positive and negative. We will certainly keep your comments in mind for the future.

Mark and Elena

Embrace Running is a podcast hosted by Elena and Mark who fell in love with running and present an enthusiastic and informative podcast about this sport, that so many people like. They have a very nice website, basic, simple, pretty. I have listened to the third episode of their podcast today. Embrace Running Episode #106. The podcast is released every week and I think Elena and Mark are doing a great job, and us runners a great service. Because it really is a good podcast to listen to while running – especially the length of 1 hour.

However! When I listened to episode #106, I found it extremely boring. I thought that I am having too big of an expectation, and that once in a while these guys may release a podcast or discuss a topic that is not for me, but for others it might be interesting. So I let it go. Commuting for one hour and 35 minutes on foot, on bus and on train you get patient and don’t expect much.

However! Discussing “The 5 stages of running” – even Elena realized that this was not very scientific. Other topics were passing by – the material of medals, an American 2-mile-indoor record – I must have stopped listening for a while. The announcement in the beginning of the show to discuss February’s calendar of races around the world turned out no information at all. The Antarctica, Florida, Dubai, and others? Interesting places. Unfortunately neither of the moderators knew the temperature in Florida. Maybe talk about how it is to race at 5 o’clock in the morning? “An 18-year-old kid made his debut in Dubai at 2:04:32. Amazing, such a young runner.” That’s it? No name, no competitor names? No clue why we should follow up on that kid?  “I believe he’s from Ethiopia.” You believe? You practice a sport and follow its competitions but you don’t know anything about the winners of the most important races? Elena had the name written down but didn’t dare to speak it out loud because neither of them was able to pronounce it. Tsegaye Mekonnen Asefa, come on! That’s not so hard! It’s actually showing a lot of respect being able to pronounce someone’s name.

Anyway, maybe the details are not the main focus of the show.

However!! The next subject discussed is the question of a listener about carbo loading before a marathon / long run. That’s when I really started to get annoyed. I will make it quick: They start out by saying: Don’t think about your nutrition one day before the race. You don’t start your practice one day before, you don’t pick your shoes and clothes one day before. And then they go on to talk about the meals on the day before the marathon! Oh, you can’t say anything specific about a healthy diet? Or a carbo-loaded nutrition weeks before a marathon? But you suggest to go to Chipotle, a fast-food chain, because you will be in a hotel in some strange city where they probably have no food except anywhere except the places with the neon lights.

There are so many recommendations to be made concerning carbo loading. So many ways to enjoy a rich diet before a big race. My favourites are sweet (cocoa, cinamon, honey) spaghetti in the morning, and beer! Yes, beer. Being from Germany, they offer free beer at all the races I have ever been to. Hold on, it’s non-alcoholic, and it is loaded with carbons.

The point which I am trying to make here is: Be more conscious, and not so superficial. This sport is all about consciousness. None of your listeners will ever achieve anything great. They will only learn endurance and the joy of the endorphines. And consciousness of their own body. So do not recommend: Gatorate or Fast Food. Recommend something sustainable, something that is organic, good for your health, good for society as a whole, good for your mental spirit. Chicken is not sustainable. It’s evil and cruel to eat chicken unless it comes at a high price, from a very nice, sustainable farm. That’s consciousness.

Music Podcast

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs is a WordPress Blog that discusses and introduces us to new rock music and emerging artists. It’s a great and interesting read, and I just discovered it releases a podcast, too.
In the latest episode, the first of 2014, this podcast takes a look back at the year 1971.

In this episode, we take a look back at the music of 1971. In a year of major change, we see the beginnings of prog rock, the waning days of the folk movement, and the beginnings of Glam Rock.

In the author’s eyes, 1971 was the year that was pivotal for rock music. In this period we were seeing the switch from the hippie age, the end of Woodstock and the hippie dream that didn’t come true. Rock’n’Roll anthems have emerged, as this is the year that Led Zeppelin released IV and The Who came out with Who’s Next.
This podcast focuses on the big albums of that year.
Prog Rock started to grow. Pink Floyd released Meddle after Sid Barrett had left. And we can hear their track “Fearless”.
After 1968 with Pink Floyd, King Crimson’s growing popularity, Prog Rock really began to break out and the “sloppiness” of recordings and songs was falling away: the rough sound of Jimmy Hendrix made way for the polished sound of Rush, Genesis, Yes. Prog Rock’s about showing off your musical talent, guitar and bass solos.
Along came Kraut Rock out of Germany as a similar genre to Prog, though more artistic. The band Can, leading force, pushing boundaries, paving the way for a band such as Fugazi.
In 1971, the Beatles started releasing their solo albums after their last album Let It Be. They declared Harry Nilsson to be their favourite artist and were his friends. Harry Nilsson wrote songs like “I can’t live if living is without you”. The Beach Boys had just released their album Surf’s Up and are preparing to release another one, the Smile Sessions, with Brian Wilson battling depression.
Since this podcast usually presents new music, the author started digging for unknown bands of ’71 and discovered the band Comas, who compared themselves to King Crimson of Folk Music. He compares them to today’s Freak Folk scene of the mid-2000s such as Animal Collective, Devandra Benhard, even Primus.
In the waning days of Folk Music of ’71, Bob Dylan having turned his back on Folk Songs, there were still a few artist carrying his torch. Joni Mitchell for one. And Leonard Cohen who released Songs Of Love And Hate.
T-Rex was a Folk duo before, in 1971, became a fully formed band and started Glam Rock. Glam Rock is all about the theatrics and having fun. The accoustic style combined with glam rock can be heard on the track Cosmic Girl.
Finally, the author says he wanted to play Serge Gainsbourg, Beck, Black Sabbath, Masters of Reality, and so much more that could’ve made for a second podcast. He usually finishes the podcast with a Bob Dylan song. But he finishes this one with David Bowie’s “A Song to Bob Dylan” wich is an allusion to Dylan’s Song To Woody.
1971 – What a year!

Track List:

Pink Floyd “Fearless”

Can “Mushroom”

Harry Nilsson “Jump Into the Fire”

Beach Boys “Surfs Up”

Comus “Diana”

Leonard Cohen “Love Calls You By Your Name”

T. Rex “Cosmic Dancer”

David Bowie “Song for Bob Dylan”

Literatur im Ohr

Gestern bin ich 21 Kilometer gelaufen, in der Dunkelheit, von 20 Uhr bis 22 Uhr. Wie entspannt ich bei diesem Lauf war zeigt die Herzfrequenz-Grafik, und diese Ausgeglichenheit schreibe ich dem Podcast zu, den ich mir angehört habe.

“Sechs Getreue sind es, die ihr folgen. Gulla mit dem Feuerhaar, Wanda die Wahnsinnige, Brunhilde mit der breiten Brust, die schlaue Sibylle, Schö­nelfchen und Gloria das Glatzenweib. Eines Tages kommen die Sieben zusammen im Eis des Nordpols. Von dort aus nehmen sie ihre wilde Fahrt, die sie einmal rund um die Welt und bis vor die Tore des Vatikans bringt…” (copyright Martin Auer, Text übernommen von http://www.martinauer.net)

Was dann geschieht solltet ihr unbedingt selbst hören. Ich empfehle Martin Auers Podcast, wenn ihr eine Stunde Zeit habt. Eine Inspiration für das tägliche Leben, Weisheiten aus allen Kulturkreisen dieser Welt, dazu eine Musik-Playlist, die Horizonte öffnet.


Vielen Dank, Herr Auer, für den Link zu meinem Blog und dass ich meinen Namen in Ihrer großartigen Sendung hören durfte.

Wie hingebungsvoll Martin Auer sich der Lyrik widmet, wie er versucht, Poesie und Lyrik uns nahezubringen, zeigt seine Seite


Er schenkt uns Gedichte, Apps, Haikus, Bildschirmpräsentationen, Web-Codes zum Einbinden und vieles mehr.

Auf seiner Seite


gibt es einen Überblick über seine gesamten Werke, Bücher, Prosa, Hörbücher, Filme…

Das Unglaubliche dabei: weite Auszüge aus den Büchern können auf der Internetseite gelesen werden, man kann schmökern, bis es einem gefällt, und es dann kaufen.


Musik aus der Playlist von Nachttaxi

Umsonst und legal kann man die Musik der Band Invacuo bei The Archive anhören.

Written while listening to Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads.

Zum Schmunzeln und Nachdenken

Für einen ruhigen Lauf, der eine Stunde dauert, möchte ich unbedingt den Schriftsteller Martin Auer empfehlen.

Sein Podcast “Nachttaxi” gibt es auf der gleichnamigen Seite und natürlich bei iTunes. Es scheint, als ob ein Wiener “Taxler” seine Geschichten erzählt, voller Lebenserfahrung und großartiger Beobachtungsgabe, vom literarischen Genie ganz zu schweigen. Sehr berührt hat mich die Folge “Zwei im Westen”, über die ich bereits berichtet habe. Großartige, unbekannte Musiker ausgesucht vom Autor Martin Auer begleiten und sorgen für Abwechslung der Hörspiele.

Auf seinem – WordPress – Blog “Lyrikmaschine” entdeckt man wunderbare Lyrik und literarische Beiträge. Im letzten Podcast waren geniale Parabeln zum Geld und der Ökonomie dabei, darunter auch die von “Nasreddin Hodscha und die Nationalökonomie” – und eine geniale Parabel auf die Ökonomie frei nach Adam Smith (1. Semester BWL / VWL) von Karottenzüchtern.

Ich würde den Text sehr gerne hier veröffentlichen, trau mich aber nicht mangels Erlaubnis. Einfach selber vorbeischauen bei http://blog.martinauer.net

Unbedingt die Podcasts laden! Viel Freude damit!

Genial, die Musik, die ihr entdecken werdet:

Jazz 2013

Here’s a list of great releases in Jazz Music last year. The list is compiled by a great supporter of Jazz Music and Radio / Podcast host, published here


Wayne Shorter – Without a Net; Shorter’s great quartet redefines free jazz. Great empathy between these long time collaborators is apparent throughout.

Chick Corea – The VigilChick reaches back to the fusion sounds of the electric Return to Forever days, with new compositions and young virtuoso musicians.

Dave Douglas – Time Travel; Douglas pushes this fine quintet of new and established jazz cats to new heights of creativity and freedom.

Kenny Garrett – Pushing the World Away; KG continues the vibe of this quintet’s prior album with new compositions that exude passion and intensity.

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit; Porter’s much anticipated 2nd LP exemplifies his soulfulness and gospel roots combined with real jazz sensibilities

Gary Burton – Guided TourBurton assembled this fine quartet for his latest album. Together they bring to life his compositions and arrangements.

Noah Preminger – HaymakerNoah’s third album is a great one. A wide range of sounds and influences, from ethereal to rocking out to gorgeous ballads.

Earl MacDonald – Mirror of the Mind; Earl’s use of cello instead of bass creates a colorful palette for his wonderful arrangements for this fine quartet.

Antonio Sanchez – New LifeThis outstanding drummer shows his skills as a bandleader keeping all these strong soloists focused on his thoughtful arrangements.

Terance Blanchard – Magnetic; Terance knows how to tastefully use electronics to create a modern sound and stay true to his traditional jazz roots.

Chris Potter – Sirens; A quality album in its writing, arranging and playing from perhaps the best tenor player on the scene today.

Russ Kaplan+7 – The Ulysses Cycle; Kaplan has created a concept piece based on Homer’s Odyssey. The listening experience is enhanced  when combined with the liner notes and illustrations provided.

Dave Holland – PrismThis great bassist and bandleader released an electric, fusion oriented album with a talented and powerful quartet or Holland, Taborn, Harland and K. Eubanks.

Greg Abate Quintet – Featuring Phil Woods; Two greats on alto sax combine for a hard hitting bop session that swings with the best of them.

Anoushka Shankar – Traces of You; Not a jazz album, but I love this release that fuses East and West musical forms that doesn’t seem to compromise the quality or originality of the music.


Podcasts zum Laufen

Dies sind meine Top-Podcasts. Ich habe sie seit vielen Jahren abonniert und verpasse keine Folge. In meiner iTunes-Bibliothek habe ich unzählige Podcasts, fast 1000 ungehörte Episoden. Es gibt einfach sehr viele gute Podcasts. Zum Laufen brauche ich aber lange Podcasts, mit Laufzeit von um die Sechzig Minuten. Oder ich mache mir aus den kurzen Sendungen eine Playlist. Podcasts sind so extrem kurzweilig, die Zeit beim Laufen geht vorbei, ohne dass man’s merkt, man taucht tief in ein Thema oder eine Diskussion ein und muss aufpassen, dass man sich noch auf die holprige Strecke oder den Verkehr konzentriert.
Von diesen ausgewählten Podcasts gibt es auf der jeweiligen Webseite ein ganzes Archiv zum Download, nicht nur für iTunes-Nutzer. Die Sendungen sind so gut, dass ich jede Episode aufbewahre und mehrmals anhöre – nicht nur beim Laufen, sondern zum Einschlafen und in den elenden S-Bahnfahrten.

TSF Jazz – La seule radio 100 pour cent Jazz

TSF Jazz ist mein absoluter Lieblingsradiosender. Ich kenne ihn aus meiner Zeit in Paris, dort zu empfangen auf 89.9 UKW. Ausgewählte Sendungen sind als Podcast zu haben, und diese sind alle für sich ein Zeitdokument der (französischen) Jazz-Geschichte. Jeden Mittwoch um 20 Uhr läuft die Sendung Les 20h de Jazz mit zeitgenössischen Jazzmusikern als Gäste und deren neuesten Projekt. Jazz Live ist eine Sendung und ein Podcast, in der / dem Live-Mitschnitte aus Jazz-Konzerten in den sagenhaften Pariser Jazz-Clubs zu hören sind: Le Duc des Lombards, Sunside / Sunset, New Morning…

In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond


Ein unfassbar guter Podcast! Ken Laster ist der Host der Radiosendung, welche in Hartford, Connecticut läuft und gleichzeitig als Podcast erhältlich ist. Ken Laster ist für die Jazz-Szene im kleinen Staat an der Ostküste unverzichtbar. Durch seine Sendung unterstützt er unzählige neue und alte Jazz-Musiker, indem er alles, was neu, gut und relevant ist bespricht, vorstellt, spielt und erklärt. Oft hat er Gäste im Studio, die über ihre Musik plaudern, oft hat er einen Themenabend und mal stellt er Klassiker und Größen der Jazzmusik vor. Jeder einzelne Podcast ist für die Ewigkeit. In 50 Jahren werde ich mich noch an diesen Sendungen erfreuen. Und das meiste, was ich über neue Jazzmusiker erfahre kommt vom Hören dieser großartigen Sendung. An dieser Stelle:

Thank you, Ken!

JJ’s Smoking Sessions


Wer genau sich hinter Six Million Steps, den Herausgebern des Podcasts, befindet, weiß ich nicht und habe ich bisher nicht recherchiert. Aber jeder der Soul Music mag muss diese Mixes gehört und sorgfältig auf der Festplatte abgespeichert haben. Wir sind bei Folge 104 und diese Folgen beschreiben die komplette Geschichte des Souls. Die Mixes erhalten viel, viel Musik gemischt mit Original-Stimmen aus Interviews der allergrößten Interpreten des Souls.

Indiefeed – The best new releases from around the world


Indiefeed Podcasts gibt es in den Kategorien Alternative Rock, Indie Pop und Hip-Hop. Ich glaube, ich habe um die 500 Sendungen bereits gehört und noch niemals den Namen einer Band oder eines Interpreten zuvor gehört. Nur Independents und Emerging Artists. Unglaublich, wie wichtig so ein Projekt für die Musikszene ist. Wie finanzieren die sich? Am meisten höre ich die Hip-Hop-Sendung mit dem legendären Host Dirt E. Dutch, selbst Rapper und verdammt guter Radio Show Host! Keep it up!

Das ARD Radio Feature


Wenn ich das ARD Radio Feature höre, dann bin ich für eine Stunde mal raus. Wie die Themen aufbereitet sind, ist an Spannung und Hintergrundinformationen auf keinen Fall zu überbieten. Die Sendungen werden von Hörfunk-Autoren und Journalisten produziert und sind hochwertige Hörspiele, aber mit realen Geschichten mitten aus unserer Zeit. Die letzte Folge hieß “Herr der Schiffe” und handelte vom Bankrott gegangenen Reeder Nils Stolberg. Noch nie von ihm gehört, noch nie so an die Kopfhörer gefesselt gewesen.


Der Schriftsteller Martin Auer ist der Autor dieses literarischen Podcasts, der aus der Sicht eines Taxifahrers Geschichten erzählt, die einen berühren. Umrahmt ist die Sendung mit Musik von Electro-DJs und ecclectischen Künstlern aus aller Welt.



Doktor Nils Köbel ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Dozent an der Johannes – Gutenberg – Universität in Mainz. Patrick Breitenbach arbeitet an der Universität in Karlsruhe in was weiß ich wie vielen Bereichen, vor allem aber Soziologie und Medien. Zusammen sind sie ein super intelligentes und witziges, teils auch sehr hitzköpfiges Team, die für ihren noch jungen Podcast 2013 den Grimme-Preis gewannen. Zu Recht. Bessere intellektuelle Unterhaltung findet ihr nirgends, also unbedingt abonnieren.