Time To Run?

How do you get out of this rat race and grinding wheel that a job puts you in?

I get up at 6 am, leave for work at 7 am, and get home at 8:30 pm.

That leaves me 9.5 hours of which I need to sleep at least 7.

So 2.5 hours for cooking, cleaning up, eating, and workout.

If ever I feel like sittting down and relaxing, time starts running out…

How do you do it?

This is my evening’s log:

  • Got home at 20:25
  • Cleaned last night’s dishes 20:45
  • Prepared tonight’s dinner 21:35

I made Italian Pesto Bread as seen on http://laurysglorytales.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/grunes-pestobrot/

  • Waited 25 minutes while the bread was in the oven
  • Changed into running gear 22:00
  • Ran 5k
  • showered and had dinner 23:15
  • Still time to relax and write this post!

Just do it, that’s how you do it! I enjoyed that 5k-run a lot. The weather is beautifully mild, nothing like St. Louis or Chicago or New York or London…

Tomorrow I am definitely going home early from work to run 10 kilometers.


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