Nevermind the goals

Was that a good or a bad run?

running outside of training zone

I went on a 9-km run – and spent 75% of those 46 minutes outside of my set training zone! That’s not what I intended, and I don’t feel good about it. I had some fun though. This is what happened:

  • I just felt like running fast. I did not constrain myself and slow down in order to contain the pulse. I was really in the mood to go fast. But it didn’t turn out to be that fast at all. 9 kilometers in 46 minutes, a pace of 5:08 per kilometer – that’s just slightly better than my average. But there were just too many people out on the streets – damned Sunday crowd! – that made me lose a few seconds.
  • Coffee and cigarettes – the breakfast of champions. Or so I’ve heard someone say. Of course it’s not true and this type of breakfast plus a slight hangover made for a bad shape today. I promise to better myself…

Two great tracks on my playlist:

Queens Of The Stone Age – You Got A Killer Scene There, Man…

Bloc Pary – Halo