December Goal

In the month of December I focused on keeping a steady pulse and steady, calm pace.
The result after 10 runs and 140.45 kilometers is:

trainingzone_2 I spent 63% within the set training zone of 80-90 of the maximum heart rate. That’s a heart rate of 148 – 166 bpm.

I ran 30% of the time above and outside of this zone and that I consider to be a bit of a fail. I am going to have to continue focusing on this goal – avoiding a heart rate that’s close to the maximum.

This interferes with the goal I have set for January: increase speed. I don’t think I am ready to increase my pace yet due to the fact that I am frequently (30% of the time) exceeding my maximum training intensity.

So I will revise my January goals and focus, once again, on increasing distance and keeping a good steady pace.



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